Sunday, 25 June 2017

RENDER - Lena rolls with a pro

Lena is more than a little cocky and arrogant.
I mean she is aware of the fact that there are other grapplers out there better than she is.
When you have the equivalent of a black belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu you are probably allowed a certain swagger in your step.
One day there are try outs for a pro style roster.
Like WWE? Dena reckons she’s gotta give this a go – how hard can it be?
She even does up a bit of a goth look, let’s try doing the whole heel thing.
The woman she picks out is pretty big in her own right – Dena has seen her before.
Dena knows that her training partner is not at that level of being a black belt, so this is going to be easy.
The bell rings.
That seems like a long time ago.
Someone is shouting regularly. The words are things like “break it!” and counts that never get higher than four.
Dena does distinctly remember that original thumb poke, her eye is still watering a bit.
After that it seems there’s been a lot of getting choked over the ropes, grabbing by the hair, kicking when down.
The most recent event was a whip toss into the corner turnbuckles.
Dena slams back first and it’s like there’s an electric fire running the length of her spine.
Staggering off the turnbuckle and forward she walks right into the sleeper hold, and then staggers a little further to the middle of the ring.
Normally Lena would shake this easy as.
Today her bell has been (metaphorically) rung repeatedly already and her legs aren’t working properly after the turnbuckle slam on her back.
And as the sleeper squeezes in her legs aren’t coming back.
What the hell!
This isn’t fair!!!
What about all the other illegal moves and cheats up to this point?!?!?!
This part is perfectly legal, right in the middle of the ring.
Just where Treena wants it…

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

RENDER - Dim the lights

If you follow my deviantart page you may know that I recently experimented with my first ever fully nude render.

Thinking further, I have no inclination to go there again.

I simply prefer to have something left to the imagination.

There is *something* about a simple black bikini (or one piece suit) that I *much* prefer.

Kinda like Lena is checking out here.

"How about you put your top on and we put these mats to proper use?"

Lena is a bit bemused.

By comparison Lucy is pretty... Well... Pretty scrawny - by comparison at least.

If you follow my blog you'll also know that I have a tier in my virtual roster, and that Lena is in a significantly higher grade than the Crusher.

Still, Lucy has never shied away from a challenge... But why did she choose this one? Especially with another grappler that's (in)famous for roughing her...

Well actually, what Lena is infamous for is a habit of monstering her opposition.

Lucy just grabbed a serious size mouthful here!

Monday, 19 June 2017


My recent attempts to master seamless texture maps for Genesys 1 or 2 figures have so far been without success.

Unless getting really frustrated counts as a success...

So in a moment to soothe the wounded ego I've done some more stuff using water (shower in this case) props and light rigs.

Like so.

My first ever fully frontal nudes. Unsure if they are the sort of thing I'd come back to, but at least I've done it once and can say so.

Of course Lucy needs to remove her makeup now and then...

Thursday, 8 June 2017

RENDER - NSFW, more noise than movement

Things have been a bit hectic lately.

And when I do get to my 3D stuff I'm mostly working on building some new skills.

So not a lot of renders.

Depth of field has been mastered.

My new light rendering kits are still giving me the occasional headache.

I need to sort out how to do seamless texture maps so I can finally start creating back tattoos myself for my virtual wrestlers... That requires a lot more practise, time to practise, and probably a chunky investment in some new software...   :(

Although I have finally mastered how to use my fishnet texture maps on other items, like so (below).

First render is full 4KHD, one after is standard HD.


Diana works in service and management at an "adult" club.

Her work outfits are provocative; she's not typically getting more undressed on an evening.

To garner a bit more interest management comes up with the idea of lingerie wrestling.

Rolling with other women in lingerie? Well Diana *has* to get in on that.

Great success. Just one problem.

Diana can, seriously, legit, wrestle.

After a couple of shows it's obvious that it's not even a contest anymore, Diana just monsters everyone else.

Of course Corveena knows about dancing of that sort, and when conversations cross paths.

A bit of practice in the ring to get used to the outfits. It's all pretty relaxed and casual.

On the night it's still going pretty easy. It's competitive, but neither woman wants to hurt the other...

Which is why, when Diana finally gets Corveena, she's not squeezing the neck that hard.

Just bending her back... Quite a bit...

Still, right up to the end at least there is suspense. Although this may not be genuinely over yet...

Sunday, 14 May 2017

RENDER - Dani and Kimiko (didn't graduate that much)

Dani is used to rolling with Jessica and has a lot of practise with "bigger and stronger".

Recently even took that to a new level with Lena for the win.

One of the mistakes a lot of people make is falling for the fallacy that "smaller" is easier than "bigger".

There are a few grapplers at the very top of my virtual roster.

Some of them, like Jessica and Marielle, even Jacelyn, are more muscular and stronger.

Dani has just handled Lena and is feeling a bit cocky. She asks Kimiko to roll.

Jessica is a bit amused. But she's kind of curious herself.

"Keep it friendly guys."

Oh well. Dani gets it now.

No, Kimiko isn't as big or as strong as Jessica.

She's not weakling. When she's working on the mats Dani feels like she's wrestling something made out of sinew and tendon.

But that's not the difference.

You need some strength and fitness to grapple.
There may be an opening from your opponent.

You still have to move into it.

Your opponent is looking for your openings. You need to be able to close those openings or block them.

Kimiko's openings are very, very, very small.

No Kimiko isn't as big either. Dani gets that this isn't necessarily a good thing either.

Kimiko is finding more openings in more places than Dani thought possible, and Dani is expending a lot of her strength blocking and trying to close those openings before it's too late.

Dani gets caught in a one arm choke. Breathe, bend, flex, she manages to get out.

Kimiko is impressed, and changes tactics slightly.

Now Dani has a new problem. Kimiko moves, Dani blocks, Dani panics.

It seems every time Kimiko makes a move now it's a feint, and as Dani blocks one thing she's leaving herself open more for the next.

And finally she gets caught.

The triangle isn't locked in yet. Kimiko has moved into the opening, she hasn't gone completely past it yet though.

Patience, first she sets position.

Dani sees what's coming, even with her flexibility the opening to escape is very, very small.

 Kimiko bends forward and locks down, that opening to escape is gone now.

Dani is trying to bridge and twist. Kimiko isn't that big or that strong, except that right now it feels to Dani like she's under a car.

Kimiko flexes and pulls, this would be a choke out for almost anyone else.

Dani breathes and bends and keeps working.

Kimiko is impressed.

But then...

There was no escape. That door was closed.

What just happened now feels less like a door and more like a belt, one that just got tightened to half it's length.

Dani taps...

Kimiko is impressed.

"Your defense is pretty awesome. Long time since someone made me work that hard."

"Your offense is nearly non-existent. You spend too much time waiting for someone to make a mistake or fall for an obvious fake."

"Work on that and let me know sometime..."

Saturday, 13 May 2017

RENDER - Lena and Dani (recent graduate)

Dani graduated ranks recently...

She probably would have come further and faster.

Problem is... Well...

Problem is that Dani is, at her heart, a pacifist.

If you want to get to that really elite level you have to be willing to keep going, especially when your opponent isn't willing to tap.

Think about it. If the person you're rolling with isn't willing to tap... If they refuse...

Would you be willing to break their arm? Or worse???

Dani recently overcame this partially. Choking someone out doesn't injure them. Dani can make herself ok with that.

Credit Jacelyn (The Silent Strangler, formerly the Singapore Strangler) for that tip and related training.

Jacelyn's girlfriend, Jessica, has another idea to help more.

So Jessica convinces Dani to call out Lena.

The match is pretty even. Couple of close falls...

Dani still lacks that "killer" instinct...

Jessica knew what she was doing, and sure enough.

When Lena gets top position she uses her strength and size, a lot.

She "monsters" her opponents.

A forearm across the throat is part of that.

Dani is not enjoying this, but she's struggling to do much about it.

Instead, right now, she's getting angry.

And angrier.

And angrier...

Someone has just decided to find and use their inner mongrel.

Step one is sweep and roll. Still in guard, but gravity isn't helping the arm on the neck any more.

 Step two, posture up. Lean is trying to sweep or roll, but she's getting blocked every time.

Lena is starting to wonder what's going on here?

 Dani isn't going to injure Lena here...

But this can cause an awful lot of *hurt*...

Lena doesn't tap, she is desperate to escape.

In the scramble and twist Lena gives up full mount.

Dani is ok with this. She's got something specific in mind.

 Unsure what rule book covers this, if any at all?

Dani still has something specific in mind here though.

 Lena is desperate to escape being smothered, so she turns, giving up her back.

Dani takes that.

And now Lena  realises the severity of the mistake she just made.

Lena has an octopus latched onto her back.

No matter how she twists and turns Dani's hooks are in solid, and her balance is spot on.

One moment her arm is being dislocated at the shoulder one way, then another.
 And now realisation.. Defending her arm...

The arm was never the target, and now Dani has Lena's neck.

Lena needs all of her power, and she just barely makes it onto her hands and knees.

 Too little too late, Dani pulls and, as Lena's knees and arms lose strength she's rolled over like a turtle with Dani making like a shell.

 There's a sensation, like a rushing train running through your head.

Time to tap out.

Which Lena does.

A choke out doesn't cause injury, which is why Dani is ok listening to her inner mongrel.

She doesn't let go.

Monday, 8 May 2017

RENDER - Itch is scratched, time to move on

Lena here again.

Enough with the lights and water and wet skin maps.

Time to move on...